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Agritourism Tuscany Pian de' Cortini


Residence Parco Nazionale Foreste CasentinesiThe National Park of the Casentino Forests

The Holiday Farm Podere Pian dè Cortini is placed near the town of Serravalle, Natural place in the center of the national park of the Casentino forests that is the second forest in Europe for the extension! From our Residence it's very simple to visit beautiful place, in witch the nature is still untouched.

Plant life of the National Park
The Casentino National Park hosts a wide variety of tree species, in witch have a great importance the secular pine forests, the forests of beech and sycamore, the mixed forests with many varieties of species including beech, maple, ash, elm, linden, flowering and many others. In addition to the vegetation of the mountainous zone, are also well represented all types of forests in the submontane belt below, such as the oak woods in oak, the chestnut trees (especially in the area of Camaldoli and Castagno d'Andrea in the Florentine side) as well as the reforestation of black pine. Among the trees we can remember the rare cork-oak. There are also lots of grass species that inhabit the park, with over 1000 types so far surveyed.

The animals
There are numerous animal species that live in the forests of the park. Most important are the wolf, yew, the polecat, the weasel. There are also a lot of deer, wild boar, mouflon and fallow deer. There are more than 80 species of birds: the hawk, the goshawk, the falcon pecchiaiolo, the golden eagle, the peaks (green, red and more red minor) and the rare mountain biking than in older forests boasts the largest population of Tuscany.

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Height Profile


Capannino - P.sso Gualanciole

Corezzo - P.sso Serra

Corezzo - Poggio Magiovanna

Giampereta - Croce della Calla

Le Nocette - Rotta dei Cavalli

Molino della Ripa - Biforco

Molino di Corezzo - Biforco

Montefatucchio - Gualanciole (057)

Montefatucchio - Gualanciole (059)

Querceto - Frassineta

Rimbocchi - Montopoli

Rimbocchi - Santuario della Verna

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